It seems odd to finally get a look at this now the company is no more. I thought I would have a go at the Gotham art test because it reminded me of the good old days of texturing simple geometry. I am not following it too strictly but really just using it for practice.

It says in the test they do not tile anything  but I will as it seems like a waste to not too. I decided that I want to do one 1024 texture Max per building

I started with laying out the construction texture first and trying to find in the building where I could neatly tile it. This texture is more a way of laying out the zones for the geometry to see what works. I have also dedicated more real estate to the ground floor and anything with text on.

The initial geometry pass will then be built around this template. I will then go back to the texture and make it complement the geometry. at least thats the plan!

Construction texture: A bit rough around the edges!

Here is the first pass of the front facde with constuction texture applied, it is useful for me to do things this way as i can see what needs the most work and how far off the final texture I am.
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